We have a wide variety of players who come out each week, all from various playing backgrounds and skill levels.
While the background and skill levels are extremely wide, everyone has a great attitude and is there to have fun.

Here is a list of our players background who have come out to play:

  • Never played before
  • Played 10-20 years ago
  • High School team (including Pullman HS and Moscow HS)
  • High School club (including Club ZZU, PAC-V)
  • Open gym
  • City intramural (including Pullman, Moscow)
  • College intramural (including WSU, UofI)
  • College team (including UofI, Northwest Christian)
  • College club (including WSU, UofI)
  • High School coach (including Pullman HS, Moscow HS)
  • High School club coach (including Club ZZU, PAC-V)
  • College club coach (including WSU)